Authentic Conversations with Andy Mason

089 My Latest Learning - Kingdom Execution

April 20, 2021
Here's five key topics that I am learning about right now that are affecting how I view the world and what I am engaged in. 
1. The kingdom of God gives power over systems => poverty, injustice, corruption PLUS work or family systems that undermine people, profit and planet. True kingdom centered systems cause ALL THINGS to flourish. If I don't honor the diversity of gifts I will never access the benefits of that person eg. the church that honors the prophet but not the accountant will always wrestle with inadequate financial systems.
2. Goodness and MERCY follow me. I need it!
3. The challenge is not the absence of good ideas but the absence of execution => book 4 Disciplines of Execution
4. Forgiveness - SELF-forgiveness unlocks from past failures and is imperative to move forward healthy.
5. Community and belonging do NOT come from a membership to an institution (religious or otherwise) but from authentic connection with people.
I am part of a global kingdom community that is highly connected, celebrating one another and collaborating for increase. This is a joy!

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