Authentic Conversations with Andy Mason

146 How to Leave, Launch and Land Well - TRANSITION

May 31, 2022

This week we pack our house, fill up a moving truck and drive 3,000 miles from west coast to east coast of the USA. We plan on giving you some updates along the way and what we are learning. First, if you haven't heard the back-story listen to episode 127 HERE -Hearing God and Expanding to the East Coast. The first this change was even on our radar was the end of August 2022.  Leave well - have we acknowledged, honored, appreciated people and anchored connections with key people that will be ongoing? It's not until you leave that you learn the impact of what you are doing and the impact of others on you. Launch well - have we done all we need to do/can do ready to drive out of here? What about the unknowns? Land well - Do we have accommodation? How do we live in the middle of that? Learning to be present in the process. Learning to trust Testimonies: - Clients that told me not to pause payments - Surprise financial gifts - House sale multiplying our cash 6x and still needing to trust God for what's next - Gathering testimonies of people around us - houses, provision, miracles...

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