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081 How to Lead in Uncertain Times with Shae Bynes

081 How to Lead in Uncertain Times with Shae Bynes

February 23, 2021

In this podcast I interview a well known and seasoned leader (Shae Bynes of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur) on how to lead and make decisions in the midst of uncertainty. 

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Here's the questions that we covered:

  • What is your leadership role/responsibility 
  • What has been the hardest decision recently you have had to make?
  • How did you make it?
  • What do you do when there is great uncertainty, no perfect answer, things you need to decide, and God is silent about specifics?
  • Have you gotten decisions wrong? How do you lead knowing you won’t be right all the time and people/outcomes can be brutal?
  • How do you overcome fear of failure or what people will say?
  • How do you stay humble and not hard-hearted in most of adversity and/or injustice?

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Find out more about Shae Bynes:

Shae Bynes is a passionate storyteller, bridge builder, and strategist who ignites and equips leaders to be catalysts for transformation in their spheres of influence.

Known as “Chief Fire Igniter”, she has reached over a half million aspiring and current entrepreneurs around the globe through her devotionals, books, courses, short films, and podcasts.  Her teaching and mentoring provide inspiration and practical strategies for doing business in partnership with God for greater Kingdom impact in the marketplace.

Shae co-founded the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur movement in 2012 and her most popular book Grace Over Grind: How Grace Will Take Your Business Where Grinding Can’t is shifting the way people live, work, and engage the world around them. Whether she is sharing on platforms publicly or consulting privately, you can expect Shae to deliver an abundance of truth with love, grace, and contagious joy.

Shae holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Florida and University of Florida respectively.

Shae has been married to her husband Phil for 21 years and is mom to three beautiful daughters, ranging from toddler to college student. She has a healthy addiction to sunshine and water and calls the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area her home.

080 How to Lead in Uncertain Times with Kris Vallotton

080 How to Lead in Uncertain Times with Kris Vallotton

February 16, 2021

In this podcast I interview a well known and seasoned leader on how to lead and make decisions in the midst of uncertainty. Make sure you listen right to the end when Kris add's an exhortation that is hugely encouraging.

Here's the questions that we covered:

  • What is your leadership role/responsibility 
  • What has been the hardest decision recently you have had to make?
  • How did you make it?
  • What do you do when there is great uncertainty, no perfect answer, things you need to decide, and God is silent about specifics?
  • Have you gotten decisions wrong? How do you lead knowing you won’t be right all the time and people/outcomes can be brutal?
  • How do you overcome fear of failure or what people will say?
  • How do you stay humble and not hard-hearted in most of adversity and/or injustice?

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Find out more about Kris Vallotton:

Kris Vallotton is an author, international speaker, culture leader, and most of all, a spiritual father to this generation.

As the Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) and Moral Revolution, Kris has helped thousands of Believers over the last 20 years realize their identity as sons and daughters of God.

He’s a bestselling author, having written more than a dozen books and training manuals to help prepare believers for life in the kingdom.

Kris has a diverse background in business, counseling, consulting, pastoring and teaching, which gives him unique leadership insights and perspectives.

He’s a highly sought-after international speaker equipping people to successfully fulfill their divine purpose. Kris loves to both teach to the masses and advise leaders one-on-one, utilizing his experience and his prophetic gift to assist world influencers in achieving their goals. He commonly provides counsel to governmental and business leaders on practical strategies for cultural transformation. He has unique expertise in economies and building prosperous communities.

Though renowned for his writing and speaking, Kris and his wife Kathy are also successful entrepreneurs who co-owned 9 businesses in the automotive industry. Kris is the founder of the Bethel School of Technology, the Chairman of Advance Redding, and founder of Bethel Media.

Kris lives in beautiful Redding, California with his wife of 43 years, Kathy, their dog Samson, and Kathy’s horses, Dreamer and Legend.


079 How to Avoid Being Led Astray

079 How to Avoid Being Led Astray

February 9, 2021

Recently I have had a number of conversations with friends around spiritual gifting, beliefs and behaviors. Most conversations have gone awesome. Some not so well. This has led me to thinking about spiritual gifts and how to know whether you are listening to the Spirit of God or some other spirit. Secondly, you may be listening to the Spirit of God but the deception of pride or 'idols of the heart' result in being led astray - it's not just what you say or do but HOW you do it that really matters.

So I went back to the covers... the covers of the Bible. And I had an AWESOME time seeing so clearly how Paul the apostle lays it all out.

I encourage you to read it yourself in 1 Corinthians 12. Understand that he is speaking to a group of people who previously were led astray by the worship of multiple gods/idols (who can't speak). He is wanting to introduce them to the Holy Spirit but sensitive to the fact that if they got led astray by dumb idols, how would he need to teach them to make sure they are listening to the RIGHT spirit that TALKS to us? Good question.

I read through the chapter and put Paul's guidelines into a simple flowchart of questions and responses to know that you are listening to the Spirit of God and how to keep from going astray.

"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant... carried away..." 1 Corinthians 12: 1, 2

Gift/Spirit check:

These first two questions are like banks of the river - boundaries to know you are listening to the Holy Spirit and not some other spirit masquerading as the Spirit of Truth.

1. Profaning the Name of Jesus?

Does this gift/person/spirit contradict or go against the word, ways, nature or name of Jesus Christ? 

Yes? => this is NOT the Holy Spirit. 

 No? => great! Proceed to question 2


2. Acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Lord?

Does this gift/person/spirit acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord Yahweh - Lord of ALL?

 No? => this is NOT the Holy Spirit.

Yes? => great! Proceed to question 3.

This sounds kind of obvious but there are plenty of people who love Jesus and acknowledge him as a son of God or a prophet, but DON'T acknowledge Him AS God.


The next questions clarify whether someone may be operating in a gift from the Holy Spirit but have gone astray due to flaws in character or maturity. An example is James and John, the disciples of Jesus, who wanted to call down fire to burn a city that rejected Jesus. Jesus corrected them saying, " don't know what MANNER of spirit you are of." (See Luke 9:55). In other words, their heart desired good for Jesus but the way they wanted to go about it was not according to His character or nature. You could say they had zeal without knowledge or were being hasty and missing Jesus WAY of operating (see also Proverbs 19:2). 

Note - Jesus didn't cut them off for their zeal; he adjusted their zeal to align with His nature.

3. Acknowledge different gifts but same Spirit?

Does the person acknowledge Jesus Christ as the source of all gifts and honor other gifts/service/ways of working? Contrast this with people who elevate their status based on a certain gifting resulting in hierarchy or division. 

 No? => they have gone astray (character, maturity, pride...)

Yes? => awesome, proceed to next question.


4. Use the gift for the benefit of others?

Does this person use their gifting to help/profit/add to the common good (see 1 Cor 12:7, 25)?

 No? => Self-seeking? Divisive? Isolating? Inciting evil? => gone astray

Yes? => Awesome!


Ok - this should be a great self-check. But what do you do if you or someone you know is listening to a different spirit or has gone astray? First, humble yourself knowing that it's only by the grace of God that we ALL don't go astray.... remember where you came from! (See 1 Cor 12:12 and Gal 6:1-5).

A) Are they a fellow believer?

IF you have relationship then you need to say something. Matthew 18 lays out a really good process that is healthy and helpful and done with the intention of restoring connection. IF you love them you will say something. Silence is assent. If you don't have the confidence or relationship to say something at least say "I'm not sure I agree with that, I'll need to think about it."

B) Are they a non-believer?

Pray. Stay connected, because YOU are the salt and light of the world. BUT be as innocent as a dove and as shrewd as a snake (see Matthew 10:16). Check out what 'being as shrewd as a snake' means. Don't be deceived. Keep your eyes open. Do your due diligence. Speak up as you are led.


If you want more on this topic I recommend Ken Fish and his podcast God is Not a Theory. Also, Mike Connell is a renowned bible teacher and has a wide range of free resources that are brilliant. Click here for more.

078 How to Foolproof Your LIfe

078 How to Foolproof Your LIfe

February 2, 2021

Nobody likes to find that they have acted foolishly and have to unravel a mess. Truth is, we ALL have done things, either ignorantly or intentionally, that have turned out to be simply wrong. So, is there a way to foolproof your life, your marriage, your business?


To be clear, this is NOT about avoiding making mistakes. If you don't want to make any mistakes you should never start a business, or play a sport, or get married, or try something new.....

Mistakes are part of life and learning and curiosity... which lead to growth. On the other hand, stubbornly holding onto mistakes, or negative beliefs, or toxic situations, are what becomes foolish. (Yep, I've done that!)  So how do you foolproof yourself? How do you set up bumpers or boundaries to ensure you don't wake up a year from now and realize you have been feeding stupid?


Sounds easy, but is a lifetime choice and practiced behavior. Here are 15 attributes of humility from Kris Vallotton (recorded originally at Bethel Church in March 2020).

15 Attributes of Humility

1. You pray.

Prayer is an act of humility, acknowledging your Creator and seeking His wisdom and help.

Prayerlessness is the ultimate arrogance - Kris Vallotton

2. You are influence-able

3. You can be corrected without defending yourself

The thing about blindspots is that you can't see them! That's why you need people around you that you trust to help you see what you can't.

4. You rejoice when others are celebrated

Anyone can do this when someone excels at something that is not your passion. Humility celebrates others even when they are succeeding in the very area that you want to stand out.

5. There is no job too small for you

6. You don't always have to be right

7. You naturally seek advice from other people

Pride is being the smartest person in the room.

8. You are teachable

Leaders are learners; lifetime learners. You are NEVER too old, experienced, rich, professional, accomplished... to LEARN.

9. You freely admit your flaws, mistakes and failures

Authenticity is the new normal. This requires humility because it is vulnerability that leads to trust. 

10. You live to help others succeed 

Your true measure of success is how many other's succeed because of your service.

11. You are not easily offended

If you cannot forgive and let go, you will eventually find yourself living in arrogance.

12. You are thankful

Thankfulness inoculates you against arrogance and pride.

13. You don't live entitled

Nobody owes you anything. Actually, your life today is a result of someone else's sacrifice of freedom or finance or hard work or innovation. 

14. You are quick to forgive

15. You are confident in who you are and content in who you are not

Which attribute do you feel stirred that you need to pay attention to right now?

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077 Disasters, Navy Walruses and Dual Citizenship!

077 Disasters, Navy Walruses and Dual Citizenship!

January 26, 2021

What does a follower of Jesus, in business, do when the going gets really difficult? Do you shrink back and look for option 'b'? Do you dig deep and declare "I was BORN FOR THIS?"

In this episode (recorded while my family and I were displaced as a result of a wildfire) I talk through what I learned from observing others and what I was personally convicted over.

1. Disaster and difficulty are a gift to cut through all the double-mindedness and force us to choose what we will do. Stay or leave? Invest or escape? Show up or hide out? No more luke-warmness. 

2. There is always an option. Our friend was in the city when a second wildfire started leaving his family trapped behind the road block without a vehicle. What could he do?

What would you do? We tried contacting first responders I knew, but that didn't help. We tried looking at alternative roads, but that didn't help. Then we took another look at the map...

3. As a follower of Jesus, you are a citizen of Heaven. You are not of this world! BUT that doesn't mean your earthly citizenship is irrelevant. It is the opposite - Your earthly citizenship got UPGRADED BECAUSE of your citizenship in Heaven. You are a dual citizen. AND the citizenship of Heaven gives you access to resources that are desperately needed here on earth.

So how well are you living as a citizen? How well are you representing the Kingdom of God in your business or city or family? 

What will you do about that?

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Leadership interview

076 My Winning Formula

076 My Winning Formula

January 19, 2021

Reflecting this week in the midst of national and global uncertainty. Ive walked through lots of situations that didn't look good. Actually, when your 16 year old daughter is writhing on the floor in pain and silently screaming, it IS TERRIBLE. But through all of the ups and downs and uncertainty and pain... we have ALWAYS come out stronger. Not just some token, emotional benefit, but stronger physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually. HOW? Good question. Here's some stories of what happened, what we did and how through it all, He has strengthened our soul....

1. Childs health disaster. Two years. Hospitals in Redding, Sacramento and a two month family separation in New Zealand. Out of it He has strengthened our soul. Check out Hannah's poetry on Amazon: Imagine This - From Pain to Possibility

2. House delay and disappointment. Years! Then when we found the house our funding disappeared. Yet through it all He has strengthened my soul.

3. Wildfire disaster. Six weeks after moving into the home a wildfire devastated over 200,000 acres including 270 degrees around our house. (It destroyed houses around us). Thanks to fire crews our house was saved but the landscaping and smoke damage was heart breaking. But through it all He has strengthened my soul! 

In all of this God has been faithful to redeem, restore, replenish, renew. We are living in a dream home (with a dream fridge!) and a financial situation that has gone from impossible to possible. My daughter's health remains a challenge but she is stronger relationally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to the point of pursuing leadership roles in youth work. 

Through it all He has strengthened my soul. It's not a secret. It's not easy. It is an invitation. What will you choose to do? You can focus on the loss, the pain, the difficulty... OR you can lean into Him, spill out your heart and frustration and find a strength that you never knew possible. 

Read Psalm 13 - see TPT version below.

Grab a copy of Finding Hope in Crazy Times: Daily stories of hearing God and get the audio book for free (link inside ebook or print copy).

Prayer Turns Depression into Delight[a]

13 For the Pure and Shining One, by King David
I’m hurting, Lord—will you forget me forever?[b]
How much longer, Lord?
Will you look the other way when I’m in need?[c]
How much longer must I cling to this constant grief?
I’ve endured this shaking of my soul.
So how much longer will my enemy have the upper hand?
It’s been long enough!
Take a good look at me, God, and answer me!
Breathe your life into my spirit.
Bring light to my eyes in this pitch-black darkness
or I will sleep the sleep of death.
Don’t let my enemy proclaim, “I’ve prevailed over him.”
For all my adversaries will celebrate when I fall.
Lord, I have always trusted in your kindness, so answer me.
I will yet celebrate with passion and joy
when your salvation[d] lifts me up.
I will sing my song of joy to you, the Most High,
for in all of this you have strengthened my soul.
My enemies say that I have no Savior,
but I know that I have one in you!


075 What I Learned & What I’m Doing

075 What I Learned & What I’m Doing

January 12, 2021

Here's what I learned through last years influence on my life and what I am hearing and focussed on for this year. Spoiler alert - it's all ridiculously good although the process wasn't comfortable. Bottom line is, I am SUPER GRATEFUL for the pain of last year that has pruned, refined and refocused my life to what I believe is setting me up to succeed for decades to come. In business. In family. In faith. I trust this helps you also.


A) My most significant learning from 2020:

At the start of the year I heard God say it would be the year of 'multiplication.' What unfolded was certainly not what I expected. However, as I reflect on the outcomes, I have multiplied in character, my walk with God, my awareness of family, my influence, my business... OR I have been positioned to multiply. 

What did I learn in the process?

1. Grow according to your vision, not according to your people

2. Follow the Voice of Jesus for everything - Matthew 4:4

3. Seek humility more than wisdom

4. Get professional help now 

5. Protect/create intentional connection - take the initiative

6. Value/be kind to yourself

7. Find and protect doing what restores your soul

8. Most of the things in your life are just things


B) My focus for 2021:

For this year I have two primary themes. 1. Kingdom over everything and 2. Leadership. I will unpack these and talk about what I'm practically doing in each.

1. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be provided for

This is the scripture in Matthew 6:33 and I believe this will actually be my focus for the rest of my life! What became apparent in 2020 was how we have been seeking many different kingdoms first. The kingdom of America and it's ideals.... the kingdom of church.... the kingdom of my message, my business, my rights, my..... 

The second aspect of this is not simply seeking first the Kingdom of God but ALSO seeking it HIS WAY (His righteousness). It is possible to seek the values of the Kingdom of God according to your own righteousness - your own way.

"If the devil can't succeed at changing your values, he will entice you to overplay your values so that you get out of the spirit of Christ." In other words, you may have a Kingdom value of the sanctity of all life including the unborn child. This value overplayed could look like abusing pro abortionists or in extreme, violence enacted against an abortion clinic.

2. LEAD. 

Don't shrink back, hold back or draw back. Let your voice be heard. Silence is assent. Silence is avoidance. Silence is not an option. 

So practically how am I partnering with these themes this year?

1. Reading/listening to resources on the Kingdom and especially it's application to the workplace. Myles Munroe. E. Stanley Jones. Bill Johnson. Patrice Tsague. Shae Bynes...

2. Heaven in Business events around the above subjects - see as registration opens

a) Transformational Leadership online workshop with Ford Taylor March 25-26

b) Leadership Summit conference in person May 26-28

c) Kingdom. Business. Conference in person, September 8-10


074 Do I Make A Plan or Trust God?

074 Do I Make A Plan or Trust God?

January 5, 2021

How do we navigate decision making and strategic planning when so much is still uncertain? What about when you make a plan then GOD changes it? Is there ANY point planning in the midst of uncertainty?

This episode opens up my journey from being addicted to vision and planning and having God disrupt my plans completely!!!

Grab a copy of the book Finding Hope in Crazy Times on Amazon - here

Join us on the 30 Day Hope Challenge here (

073 Practical Tools to Experience God

073 Practical Tools to Experience God

December 28, 2020

You are a leader and what overshadows you will overshadow all those you influence. So what if you were literally overshadowed by the Presence of God? That is the promise of Psalm 91. In this session you will get to experience five practical tools that grow your awareness of the Presence of God with you. Tangible. Real. Powerful. 


This episode was recorded as part of the Heaven in Business membership which gives weekly focussed content to help you grow with God at work and grow your influence around you. Find out more

Jump into the free trial to get the video recording, audio download, notes and a library of content that will help you grow in identity, grow in business and grow in influence.

072 What We Learned from 2020

072 What We Learned from 2020

December 21, 2020

This session is an interview of four leading business people whom I ask the questions:

1. What are you most grateful for in 2020?

2. What is your most significant learning?

3. How are you positioning for the coming year?

You will hear from an executive of a defense contracting company in Washington DC, an owner of a plumbing/AC/HVAC company in Indianapolis, a cross fit gym owner in San Francisco and a marketing consultant from Redding! 

You are also invited to join me on the 30 Day Hope Challenge January 2021 where we will set you up with foundations that give clarity and confidence for the coming year. Find out more

Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas!

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