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098 More Significant Than You Realize

098 More Significant Than You Realize

June 22, 2021

Last week I got to tour Gettysburg PA where a decisive battle was fought during the American Civil war, 1863. We had the privilege of a tour guide who gave us detailed information about different aspects of the battle and what happened afterwards. in this podcast I highlight two lessons I learned:

1. You are more significant than you realized

2. Will you build a monument or name to yourself or will you seek the wellbeing of others

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097 The Voice of God with Dante Bowe

097 The Voice of God with Dante Bowe

June 15, 2021

Greetings from Abbeville, South Carolina where I am currently traveling. This is a special episode where I got to interview the artist of a song that greatly impacted me and became the theme for navigating 2020 - The Voice of God by Dante Bowe. Listen as I interview Dante about his journey in music and encountering Jesus and the unique happenings behind the song itself.

Here's the link to watch the interview and join us

And here's the song on youtube where you can add to the 4.2M views so far...

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096 How to Avoid FOMO and Wasting Your Life

096 How to Avoid FOMO and Wasting Your Life

June 8, 2021

Here's today's process navigating decision making in midst of increasing travel flexibility and demands, different expectations of 'back to normal' vs. new alignment and the ongoing saga of politics and pandemic 2020. What am I focussing on and how am I deciding?

1. There will always be uncertainty and things outside your control.

2. There will always be people distracted by the things outside their control, who want you to be as upset and distracted as they are.

3. None of either of the above is fruitful or rewarding.

4. As opportunities open up, you need to know what and how you will choose where to invest your time and energy. What will be your priorities? It's easy when you have limited options. As options increase, you need to know what you will say 'yes' to and what you will say 'no' to. You must know what 'success' is to you.

5. It's time NOW to redo your priorities. So how do you do that?

A) Big rocks exercise - listen here (Episode 45) and download the worksheet

B) VPMOSA - see Ford Taylor's book Relactional Leadership page 159 for details.

095 Leadership Summit Summary

095 Leadership Summit Summary

June 1, 2021

We just completed our first in-person conference in over 12 months. The theme was how to lead like Christ in the midst of uncertainty. Our keynote speakers were Kris Vallotton, Shae Bynes, Ford Taylor and Andy Mason. Here's a summary of learning...

Day 1 - POSITIONED - testimony of the African Violet following the sun

Voice | Vision | Volume

You were born for this! Electricians don't complain about broken wires. Plumbers don't complain about broken pipes. Doctors don't complain about sick people. YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD... don't complain if it's dark... S H I N E !

Framework vs. Blueprint. The framework is the generic system or structure. The blueprint is specific to you. Don't copy other people's blueprint - you have to find that for yourself. 

Grace vs. Grind - See Shae Byne's book Grace Over Grind: How Grace will take your business where grinding can't

VPMOSA  - Vision | Purpose | Mission | Objectives | Strategy | Action. Find out more in Ford Taylors book Relactional Leadership or checkout his on-demand training


Day 2 - Hope that results in Action

You’re dead – Christ lives in you - It is written. No more excuses. You can heal. You can heal. You can do miracles. These sign's follow them that believe...

Host | Hear | Heal

6-Step apology from Ford Taylors book or training. This is what I did... I was wrong. I am sorry/apologize. Will you, or when you can, will you forgive me? I give you permission to hold me accountable to not do this again. Is there anything else I need to apologize for?

Wisdom: Source vs. Resource. If I treat the resource as the source I may lose both. God is the Source. He chooses to give us what we need through people (or books or...). As you are listening or reading, ask Holy Spirit what He is saying specifically to you through this resource.

Love looks like… Aware & Engaged. Who can you reach out to hear their story to grow in awareness of people different to you?


Day 3: It's You - Own it!

Host | Hear | Heal - businesses came in to the confernece and the attendees were activated to pray for them. The testimonies were life-changing!

Love looks like… communication

Marriage wisdom

Culture: Head to Paper to People

Follow the Voice

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094 Healing is Easy?

094 Healing is Easy?

May 25, 2021

This is an interview I did with Sasha Caridia (Emergency Care Practitioner from UK) and Jared Balke (Off Site Property Manager from California). For the full video see

Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil. Acts 10:38

He said that everyone who believes would do the same. Mark 16: 17, 18


1. Cultivate a personal, private relationship with Jesus. His Word, His Ways. Psalm 91. Talk to Him about what you want to see in regard to healing in your workplace. Ask Him what His heart is for your workplace.

2. Cultivate the heart of Jesus for people. You cannot control whether someone get's healed; you can determine whether they feel loved.

3. Pray for people. Ask permission. Lay hands on the sick. Keep it simple; only believe. It's not about what you feel or don't feel; it's about who Jesus is and what He said is true: "Lay hands on the sick and they will recover." (Mark 16:17)

4. Persevere. If you haven't at least prayed for 200 people then simply keep praying for people! The director of a local prayer centered Healing Rooms said "I have prayed for more people who haven't been healed, than you have prayed for people." So... just do it; and do it with love.

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093 Disciple-Making with Dave Buehring

093 Disciple-Making with Dave Buehring

May 17, 2021

I LOVED this interview unpacking how to identify, qualify, invite and challenge people into powerful relationships that are guaranteed to be fruitful. You can apply this to people you want to work with or employ, or people you want to invite into a discipleship group. Here's a quick summary:

1. Identify who you will work/walk with - in whose ears is your voice loud? Who do you have favor with? Who REALLY listens as evidenced by their follow-through?

2. Qualify - F.A.S.T acronym

Are they faithful or flaky?

Are they authentic or fake?

Will they share this or are they selfish?

Are they teachable or stubborn?

3. Invite them into a meeting where you share vision/purpose or plan. Outline what you are committing to do with/for them

4. Challenge them by looking them in the eye and asking "Are you ready to match my commitment?"

Grab a copy of Dave Buehring's book The Great Opportunity: Making Disciples of Jesus in Every Vocation

For more content like this that equips you to partner with God at work by helping you grow in identity, grow in business and grow in influence see


092 Tools to Get Clarity of Purpose and Calling

092 Tools to Get Clarity of Purpose and Calling

May 11, 2021

You were born for significance. No child dreams of being average or insignificant. The problem is many of us reduce our life to survival or a paycheck. So how do you discover what you were born for and makes you come alive? Here's some tools to help...

1. Dream list - free download here... or grab a copy of Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life

2. Personal discovery tool - free download here... or see more by

3. Master plan - big rocks - free example download here...

4. Who | Why | Where | How

5. VPMOSA - Ford Taylor. Grab a copy of the book Relactional Leadership Pg 159-162

6. Not to do list - Kris Vallotton

If this is all overwhelming and you would like to do a course with a group or as an individual coach, contact us at

091Behind the Scenes with Our Graduating Students

091Behind the Scenes with Our Graduating Students

May 4, 2021

Listen as I interview our two Heaven in Business third students graduating from Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry THIS WEEK. Congratulations Fina Oei from Indonesia and Gerna Scholte from Netherlands! I asked them...

  • Why did you come to BSSM in the first place? (...and then to choose three years!)
  • How did you decide to do the third year program with Heaven in Business in spite of uncertain levels of interaction (due to COVID)?
  • What have you loved the most about this unusual year?
  • If you could change anything about the year what would that be?
  • What did you experience that you would you never want to change?
  • What leadership lesson did you learn from Heaven in Business? 
  • What did you learn about yourself that you will do differently?

If you want to find out more about Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry click HERE (

If you want to join us in-person at the Heaven in Business upcoming conference click HERE (

090 Testimony that Creates Culture

090 Testimony that Creates Culture

April 27, 2021

Here's how the stories of your life shape the culture you live in. YOU set yourself up to succeed (or fail) by the narratives that you hold and repeat. Shared with permission from Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA.

You can find out more about Heaven in Business and the online training platform at

089 My Latest Learning - Kingdom Execution

089 My Latest Learning - Kingdom Execution

April 20, 2021
Here's five key topics that I am learning about right now that are affecting how I view the world and what I am engaged in. 
1. The kingdom of God gives power over systems => poverty, injustice, corruption PLUS work or family systems that undermine people, profit and planet. True kingdom centered systems cause ALL THINGS to flourish. If I don't honor the diversity of gifts I will never access the benefits of that person eg. the church that honors the prophet but not the accountant will always wrestle with inadequate financial systems.
2. Goodness and MERCY follow me. I need it!
3. The challenge is not the absence of good ideas but the absence of execution => book 4 Disciplines of Execution
4. Forgiveness - SELF-forgiveness unlocks from past failures and is imperative to move forward healthy.
5. Community and belonging do NOT come from a membership to an institution (religious or otherwise) but from authentic connection with people.
I am part of a global kingdom community that is highly connected, celebrating one another and collaborating for increase. This is a joy!
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