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150 Change Your Expectation - NEW hope

150 Change Your Expectation - NEW hope

June 30, 2022

After a six-month process and some last minute twists and turns, we just found a new home in Pennsylvania. We had to navigate our expectation of timing, property size and property location. We also had to navigate all that we heard from God translated into what that looks like in a transaction. What is faith in this situation? When do we just wait? How long do you wait? Here's the ups and downs of the story and what we learned in the process.

Firstly - here's what happened this week...

We pulled out of a deal at the last second

After months of looking and resetting the family (see episode 148 You Reek of Stress and 149 The Insiders Perspective) we were left with one property that met the needs of the family and fit our budget. The alternatives - air bnb or renting for 9-12 months, were either too expensive or non existent (or a flat out 'no way' from the family).

The property fit the expectations of rural location and peaceful setting and perfect for our older daughter's desire for independent living. We could make the bedrooms work for us with a minor renovation. But my wife hated it. When nothing else was available (rental property was U G L Y or unavailable), we prayed about it, and all agreed to move forward with it adjusting our expectation. As an alternative to renting it was a good deal.

So we put in an offer and prayed that the Lord would lead us in the process or rescue us if needed! 

The sellers came back with a very minor counter offer. But overnight, Janine hadn't been able to sleep. She got up, praying saying "Seriously Lord, is this the best you have for us?" The response that immediately came to her was "If that's what you have faith for."

So, based on her conviction and after humbling ourselves with the agent and our family, we withdrew our offer.

As we said to the kids, it's better to walk away at the altar than realize two weeks later that you made a mistake (ie. too late).

We re-examined our expectations

We then reset with the family of what was non negotiable and what it was we love. This looked like writing up a large sheet of card, taped to the wall, a list of the things in a property that were a priority. The second sheet had what we would love but were not critical for the season.

We cast our cares on the Lord and recruited His Agency

We then prayed and cast our cares on the Lord and asked for his care in the way of Jesus being our Real Estate Agent and finding us the house. We had done this all through the process but this was another level casting on Him our frustration, anger, irrigation, impatience, fear, dreams and desires, hopes and needs...

We relooked at the market

We then had a quick look with the new parameters online and found three houses, NONE of which we had looked at before. Actually two of these were brand new to the market - 2 days and a few hours, respectively.

We then jumped in the van and drove the hour and half to inspect the property's.

The first one was ok. We could live there.

The second one looked really good but we couldn't line up the agent to look through and there was a degree of road noise.

The third one was in a beautiful neighborhood (note: we had not been looking in neighborhoods - we had been looking for houses with more than an acre of land). When we walked inside, INSTANTLY the kids lit up and took off around the house to look around.

(As an aside, our own agent was away on vacation so a random agent from the listing company was letting us in for no personal gain. She just wanted to help after I called their office. She then put in a positive word for our family when we subsequently put an offer in.)

The feeling that we all had was the same as when we purchased our previous homes in Redding, CA. Unanimous "Yes!"

We put in an offer

Actually we put in two offers. First offer was slightly above asking price, following professional advice given that it was only 2 days on the market. 

Then we heard there was another offer going in so we needed to put our BEST offer forward and they would be presented side by side.

No pressure! Is this our house or not? 

I had to trust God again that He truly does lead.

We talked as a family what would be a price we would be happy to pay and at what point would we resent paying too much. We then took 30 seconds to be still and ask the Lord for His insight on price.

Without hesitation EVERY ONE of my family had the same price and it was $2,500 LESS than what we had talked about moments before. 

So we put in the offer, agreeing to the desired short settlement that suited us.

And our offer was accepted

We are now in process of finding furniture, doing inspections, getting the loan and moving to another (TWO) air bnb until move-in date (July 28/29).

So what did we learn?

  1. Following the process, walking WITH God = continuing to listen and take action and trust the outcome. The Good Shepherd kept us from messing up.
  2. The process of delay was painful but was necessary to adjust our expectations to see differently. If we hadn't gone through the process we would never have reset what was non negotiable. AND the house wasn't yet on the market.
  3. The importance of listening to your spouse! What would have happened if I didn't listen to Janine's hesitation? Or, if I hadn't been gracious in the process?
  4. The Good Shepherd has indeed led us to good pasture and the house we have found is above and beyond what we could ask or imagine. Not only does it meet all the non negotiable needs for us to thrive, it also ticked off 90% of the list of what we also love.
  5. The Good Shepherd's timing is perfect. Don't try to understand, that MAY come later. TRUST His nature and character and leadership and keep walking with a listening ear and a ready step.

Oh... and the address of our new house? NEW Hope, Pennsylvania.



149 The Insider’s Perspective

149 The Insider’s Perspective

June 23, 2022

This week we are down to 7 days left in an air bnb and still "on vacation" and still looking for a house to call home. We also have a good friend, Graham Coyle, join us as he is visiting from England. What's interesting is that Graham was ALSO with us when we had to evacuate our home in Redding CA as the Carr fire erupted (it burned 200,000+ acres and 1,000 homes in 2018). He was with us as we initially went to my office to work out what to do and then still with us as we found a short term rental property in a safe(r) part of the city.

In this episode I have a conversation with Graham about what he observed and learned and the perspective he has for us in our current situation. I also give you the practical process we did as a family yesterday in order to get everyone on the same page with the decisions we need to make over the next week (when the current accommodation runs out).

The intended outcome is to encourage you where you are at in uncertainty and transition, to give you a practical process to help make decisions and also to inspire you to find a "Graham" that could give you perspective and, of course, ice cream, on the journey.

"The lovers of God who chase after righteousness will find all their dreams come true; an abundant life drenched with favor and a fountain that overflows with satisfaction."

Proverbs 21:21 TPT

148 You Reek of Stress

148 You Reek of Stress

June 16, 2022

My 19 year old just walked into where I was looking at my phone (again) for houses for sale. She sat down and said "Dad, you reek of stress."

Wow. Solid feedback that was not fun. I thought I was hiding it better than that. If she can 'smell' the stress then obviously it's more than I think.

Reek - "to smell strongly and unpleasantly; stink."

I guess I need some more stress-work. So what will I do?

Here's the context:

We are now in the Pocono mountains in an Air BnB that is confirmed until June 30... that's two weeks from today. It's supposed to be relaxing. BUT we haven't found a home yet and when we asked the family last week to ask Jesus if we are to find another short term place the unanimous answer was 'No.' We have three dogs, a truck-load of household items still in transit that is supposed to land somewhere, and a word from God. We also have one daughter working remotely, one supposed to start work in-person 1 July and two kids needing all their details sorted for new college and high school. Overlay that with my business commitments and planning for the next six months...

I already spent at least 30 minutes going over (again) what God had said and that was encouraging... sort of. It feels more like God says "Jump and I will catch you," except you are now free falling and it doesn't look like He has even moved into position.

I have two major temptations:

1. Make it happen - find a house that 'will do' or secure a 3-6 mth rental. Problem is that is going against what we all heard God say. That's called disobedience and I have five other people in this household that won't go with that option.

2. Make it go away - live in denial and avoidance and hide from the pain of the in-between. That's just not going to work when we have a calendar deadline. AND I have five other people in the household that won't go with that option either.

So what do I do?

A) Learn about trust.

Let go my understanding (control). Trust means to cast my cares onto someone or something AND it is not foolish, reckless confidence (Proverbs 14:16 NLT). So it is a partnership, a relationship, an interaction and involves doing my part in the process. What's my part? Ask Holy Spirit and follow your conviction, not your fear.

B) Cry... out for help

Pray Psalm 20 (and the rest of the Psalms!). Listen for your voice in the voice of the Psalms. When it aligns, camp there and listen for what the Lord is saying to you. Write it down. Do it.

C) Worship

What else can we do? 2 Chronicles 20:12 "we don't know what to do but our eyes are on you." This is probably number one in priority. 

147 Lessons from the 3,000 mile Road Trip

147 Lessons from the 3,000 mile Road Trip

June 7, 2022

We are in the middle of moving our family from Redding CA to Pennsylvania. Today we were half way across the 3,000 mile journey in our two vehicle convoy. Here's some things we are learning along the way and in particular, how I am handling the shock of finding the 'estimate' for the moving truck went from $8,000 to $14,000 to $22,000!!!

146 How to Leave, Launch and Land Well - TRANSITION

146 How to Leave, Launch and Land Well - TRANSITION

May 31, 2022

This week we pack our house, fill up a moving truck and drive 3,000 miles from west coast to east coast of the USA. We plan on giving you some updates along the way and what we are learning. First, if you haven't heard the back-story listen to episode 127 HERE -Hearing God and Expanding to the East Coast. The first this change was even on our radar was the end of August 2022.  Leave well - have we acknowledged, honored, appreciated people and anchored connections with key people that will be ongoing? It's not until you leave that you learn the impact of what you are doing and the impact of others on you. Launch well - have we done all we need to do/can do ready to drive out of here? What about the unknowns? Land well - Do we have accommodation? How do we live in the middle of that? Learning to be present in the process. Learning to trust Testimonies: - Clients that told me not to pause payments - Surprise financial gifts - House sale multiplying our cash 6x and still needing to trust God for what's next - Gathering testimonies of people around us - houses, provision, miracles...

145 What I Learned from Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and Danny Silk

145 What I Learned from Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and Danny Silk

May 24, 2022

Next week a moving truck is arriving to pack up our 'stuff' and then we begin the drive from California to Pennsylvania. There are a lot of goodbyes and see-you-later's happening (and a few leaky eyes). In the midst of this time I have taken some moments to reflect on what I have learned from my time here. I was privileged to work directly with Danny Silk, then Kris Vallotton and through both of them connect and receive personal feedback from Bill Johnson.

So what did I learn that you will never read in a book? Here's some inside stories...

Danny silk - Trust people more than they trust themselves

- Relationship is more important than being right

- The level of trust is the level of connection and means EVERYTHING when you are trying to lead people they don't want to go: tissue paper vs. leather 'connection'

- Two new words for my vocabulary: "What do you need to feel from me in order to thrive?"

- Keep walking and stay close: when you have someone in disagreement or conflict

- Why do you trust me? Because you recognized the culture and protected it...

Best book : Culture of Honor - How to sustain a supernatural environment


Kris Vallotton - Confrontation and courage to go after what God has spoken.

- Humility and confrontation: "You are a father in the house, you carry the culture better than anyone I know, including me and I'm sorry for any pain I caused you."

- Then WE made a mistake story

- The value of disagreement pushing back on ideas, challenging to get a bigger perspective 

- Texting every few weeks when our daughter was going through crazy physical asking how she was doing and praying for us

Best book: Supernatural Ways of Royalty - Discovering your rights and privileges of being a son or daughter of God

Bill Johnson - Unwavering resolve to pursue Jesus and His kingdom on earth above all else. That friendship with God is entirely possible and accessible for all and is simple - surrender and trust and keeping your eyes on the Father

- Family above everything : Earl Johnson leaving his own annual conference to go watch Bob play basketball... 

- Courage under fire: Enduring Faith -  the message week recorded the before and the week after Bill's father died of cancer. Also, watching Bill now navigate his own wife battling cancer and yet Bill is on fire for the Kingdom of God and miracles. 

- Love for word of God and voice of God above all else - honors people who disagree including writing them a check... Early on at Bethel turning to Beni saying 'this is it...' 

- Passion for the Kingdom - I've had this as a philosophy for years but haven't known how to do it - you are doing it.

Best book: Strengthen Yourself in the Lord - How to release the hidden power of God in your life

We came here with a career and left with a story
We came here with cracks in our foundation and left knowing if God is for me then no other opinion matters
We came here with 12 suitcases and leave with a moving truck
We came here with four children under the age of 8 and leave with four young adults who are more confident and secure in themselves and God than I was
We came here out of obedience, we leave here out of vision and love
We came here as a fat caterpillar and leave as a butterfly, having broken out of the cocoon

I'm sad. I'm excited. I'm grateful.

Thank you Danny and Sheri, Kris and Kathy, Bill and Beni: my life in Christ and His Kingdom is stronger and more secure AND more fruitful because of you.

The things that I heard from you among many witnesses, I have committed these to faithful men and women who are now teaching others also!

144 How to Walk the In-Between

144 How to Walk the In-Between

May 18, 2022

Here's an update to our journey expanding from California to Pennsylvania. Here's what we are learning in how to walk the in-between - when you can't stay where you are but there is no clear path forward and all you can see is the step in front of you. 

We are now three weeks away from when we have to be out of our house that has sold. We don't have a house to move to... yet. Every time we look to 'just find something,' we hear God say "don't settle" and "time is on your side." So we are stuck in the middle. Or are we? What if there is something for us in the middle? What if we have to let go before God can put in place what's next? 

So what are the practical things we are doing and learning for the in-between

1. Anchor in what God said and did

=> Remember the testimony 

=> Fight with the words spoken to you: Did God really say? YES HE DID!

=> Re-write what He said daily if necessary

=> Ask for confirmation and clarity

2. Take a step

=> ACT on what He has said: ADVANCE into the 'middle', let go CONTROL, TRUST His Timing and that He makes your way perfect

=> Little step is OK.... actually it is wise

=> Keep big picture reference points: wise counsel, long term view

3. Manage the 'shakes'

=> Do something physical, daily

=> Keep your focus on others - who could you encourage?

=> Stay present, protect the priorities

=> Listen daily - live by the WORD

=> Stay connected, prioritize and protect the relationships


If you haven't done so already, stay connected with Heaven in Business by following the testimonies we post on, meeting in person at an upcoming event (, or joining the community and weekly live call.


143 Kingdom Business with Brandon Haire

143 Kingdom Business with Brandon Haire

May 10, 2022

Welcome to Texas!!! This session you will hear some practical keys and inspiring stories of how to partner with God at work. Brandon Haire is 100% Texan (listen and you will understand) and the Operating Partner for Princeton Equity Group. Prior to this role he was VP of Franchise Development for Neighborly. 

This episode is from the recent Heaven in Business conference and is part of the ongoing content library of Heaven in Business membership. Join to get connected, trained and activated to partner with God at work and engage in the wellbeing of the city you serve.

To access your free 7 day trial click HERE or go to

142 Kingdom Business with Bill Johnson

142 Kingdom Business with Bill Johnson

May 3, 2022

In this episode I interview Bill Johnson, Senior Leader of Bethel Church on the topic of the Kingdom of God and how this applies to our work/business. 

If you would like to go deeper in understanding and applying the principles and power of the Kingdom of God to your business, then join me for a five day launch process: How to Activate Kingdom Business. Find out more and sign up free here -

141 How to UN-Stuck your head when you don’t understand

141 How to UN-Stuck your head when you don’t understand

April 26, 2022

We just had the craziest week ever! We were on the east coast looking (unsuccessfully) for house. We then had an executive retreat with 30 business leaders (outstanding!). In the middle our daughter took herself to the ER with chest pain (she's now ok). We have another daughter navigating a student tragedy on her college campus. Then our flight home got delayed overnight. Then they dropped me off the next flight so Janine would have gone home alone and somehow I was flying ANOTHER day later (It's ok we managed to sort it out). Needless to say, it was an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster.

In the middle, our youngest (15yr old) daughter sent us a text:

"Read Matthew 16 9 to 12"

So we did. Actually, the same story is in Mark 8:17-18 in more detail.

It's the story of the disciples who are with Jesus on a boat and he talks about the leaven of the pharisees and of Herod. The disciples are clueless (again) and wonder whether He is messing with them because they forgot to bring lunch. Jesus challenges them with these questions:

1. Why do you reason amongst yourselves? (stuck in your head - mind)

2. Do you not perceive? (understand with your heart - spirit)

3. Is your heart still hardened? (clueless to what is really going on and who you are with)


"So, please help me!"

Here's the good news: God will give you a new heart if you simply ask...

"Create in me a clean heart Oh God, and renew a right spirit within me." Psalm 51:10

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit with you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh." Ezekiel 36:26

Then, how do you STAY UNstuck? How do you KEEP a tender heart? How do you stay in faith rather than running circles in your head (logic and reason)?

Here's the deal - Jesus lays it out real simple:

1. What do/did you see? What do you see God doing in you, around you, through you? What do you see happening? Lean into it.

2. What do/did you hear? What do you hear God saying? Are you doing that? How are you keeping His Voice louder than all the other noises? 

3. What do you remember? Even when we can't see or hear anything, we can ALWAYS remember. What has God done in the past that you need to remember? How has he led or provided or protected you? 




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