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047 The Performance of Rest

047 The Performance of Rest

June 30, 2020

The performance of rest. It sounds like an oxymoron but that couldn't be further from the truth. Rest (in this instance) is not about sleep. It's about identity and value. If I gain my value from what I do - my performance, then when my performance drops (even if that is due to something outside my control), my sense of worth or value also drops. Instead I get anxious, uptight, busy, hurried... you fill in the rest. 

If I know who I am and whose I am I get to perform FROM identity and value, not FOR identity and value. I wake up in the morning ALREADY loved, accepted, adored and connected. I get to live unafraid. I get to walk in greater confidence, greater security, greater hope that even though the current situation looks a mess... even though my cashflow is taking a hit... even though I may not be able to help all my employees or my customers... my value and identity is unchanged. I get to anchor is something eternal... someONE eternal. The result? Peace. Flow. Pivot. Innovation. Performance that comes FROM rest, not in order to obtain rest.

So where are you at in the scale of performance to presence? Working from anxiety or working from peace? Listen to the podcast and download the checklist to score yourself and apply the keys to grow in awareness of your true value. THEN get back in the game!

For more:

1. Download and work through the checklist/activation from Doug Hignell

2. Read or listen to my book God With You at Work - see chapter 2 (page 45) for 'notes' on the Performance of Rest and my personal bumpy story coming to this revelation.

NOTE: the initial recording of this podcast was an interview I did with Shae Bynes, Chief Fire Igniter of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur and author of Grace Over Grind. You can also find her devotionals on the same topic on Youversion. 


God With You at Work

046 What Do I Do Now?

046 What Do I Do Now?

June 22, 2020

The only thing certain is uncertainty! How do I know what I should focus on? How do I decide what to do?

In the midst of pandemic, riots, political positioning, media manipulation... YOU CAN HAVE PEACE. You CAN make decisions that set you up with momentum in the middle of mess. You CAN do this!

In this episode I walk you through the simple process of how I have been hearing God and making adjustments to my business and personal life THAT IS PRODUCING RESULTS! Here's the notes for you to download and follow along.

  • I heard God, pivoted and saved over $1500 in flight costs PLUS got back in country just three hours before the borders closed.
  • I heard God, pivoted and transformed our in-person executive retreat into an online experience with raving reviews.
  • I heard God, pivoted from my monthly travel and generated a brand new course that is equipping business people to hear God and do the same!

It's easier than we think. God is closer than we realize. Best of all, He is not anxious, upset, or surprised by what is going on. He does have hope, wisdom and solutions for life... IF we will listen.

So are you ready to listen?

I'm going to outline the simple 5-step process but first here's a quick win that you can apply immediately.

Start your day analog

For those of you born in the digital era, analog is the OPPOSITE of digital. It's what people used to do...

BEFORE you pick up your phone and read the latest notifications,

BEFORE you get distracted by texts and emails,

BEFORE you catch up with the latest social media posts

BEFORE you get your daily dose of anxiety from the news updates

BEFORE you listen to all the OTHER voices telling you what you should do, know about and get concerned over...


Rebel against the crowd and go analog. Pick up your bible. And a journal. And a pen. 

Read an ancient text. 

START your day by listening for the voice of Wisdom. 

START your day with prayer. Simple gratitude that you are breathing... and have clothes... and breakfast! LISTEN for what the Founding Creative Entrepreneur of the Universe has to say about your "complex" situation... Ask the God of all Wisdom what He wants to say to you... How He feels towards you... What He thinks about you and your day.

Test me in this and see if it doesn't change your ENTIRE outlook for the day.

Now you are ready...

What Do I Do Now?

This is a simple process I use to hear God for practical decisions. Remember it is a process that serves me; I don't serve the process. It's helpful to get started but once familiar with the steps, feel free to use, edit, or add to the process to best serve your style.

1. Situation

Write down the situation that you are facing write now that you need clarity, decisions or direction for. The clearer you can articulate the situation the easier it is to get to th next step. What is the question you want to ask? Write it down.

2. Hearing

Ask God the question. You may be surprised with His answer. If you ask the question, pause for a moment, then have a thought, idea, image, conviction, scripture... that comes to mind, IT'S PROBABLY GOD.

Write down what you hear. 

If you want more on hearing God check out Episode 007 Hearing God in Central Park.

3. Meaning

What is the practical application of what you heard? How would you apply that to your life. If it's not clear and obvious then jump to step 4. 

Remember, the you cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless you come like a child so DON'T OVERCOMPLICATE IT. DON'T TRY TO REASON yourself out of what you heard. 

Remember, God's Word (scripture) is a foundational pillar and so is wise counsel...

4. Wisdom

Wisdom is found in the multitude of counsellors. By wise counsel, plans are established. So seek wisdom to apply what you heard God say.

I have a multitude of wise counsellors. My wife. My team. My friend. My accountant. My lawyer... Point is, I have people around me who I trust to give me wise counsel. 

In seeking wisdom I look for someone with wrinkles... evidence of learning. What evidence do they have (in the area that you are talking about) that gives you CONFIDENCE that they have wisdom? Is there a track record of good decisions? Would people around you agree that they are a person of wisdom?

5. Action

So what are you going to do? Write it down. 


Not 'probably' or 'maybe' or 'soon.'


Once you have taken action you will have RESULTS. Good or bad, they will give you feedback on the next question to ask or the next conversation to have with your wise counsellor. 

If you want to unpack this further and walk with me for a month doing just that, sign up for our next Hey God What Now course. FMI and registration follow this link: Hey God What Now?

If you want a practical resource to walk you through this process as a devotional, grab a copy of Finding Hope in Crazy Times: Daily Stories of Hearing God. It's available on Amazon throughout the world and also a special offer HERE.

Make sure you post any questions or comments below. 


045 Protecting Your Priorities

045 Protecting Your Priorities

June 16, 2020

Life is happening something crazy! What is crazier is the response of people TO what is happening. On one side, denial and conspiracies are resulting in some people justifying inaction. Others are so distracted by what is going on, they have lost touch with their own purpose and priorities.

In this episode I walk you through a simple process to clarify and protect your priorities. If you don't know and protect your priorities you will live someone else's. One great YES must be protected by a thousand NO's.

Download the notes and activity here:



For more, see 


044 You Were Born for This

044 You Were Born for This

June 9, 2020

This week has been crazy... Pain erupting. America burning. Ive been pondering a phrase "For such a time as this," and how it applies to now. 

It was said by Mordecai to Queen Esther. Her people were about to be exterminated and she could have sat quietly and comfortably protected by title and privilege. Mordecai challenged her, "What if you were born for a such a time as this? You can speak up and use your privilege to help your people... OR God will cause help to come from another source." (See the book of Esther in the Bible).

What about today? When things get hot and volatile and risky, do you hide behind your privilege and pretend you cannot see or hear... or do you go all in, knowing YOU WERE BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

A couple years ago we bought our dream home. It was ten years in the making. Then just six weeks after moving in, we experienced the Carr Fire. I drove my family out of the house with a couple of overnight bags as the U.S.Marshalls were coming up the road compelling people to evacuate. The Carr Fire went on to burn 229,000 acres and over 1,000 structures. Eight people (including five fire fighters) lost their lives. 

What I observed was similar to what is happening now. 

The crisis, pain, and loss forced people to make a decision. Some people we met had only been in the community for three days before the fire. But the crisis actually STRENGTHENED their resolve to say "THIS IS MY COMMUNITY... WE ARE ALL-IN."

Others made the belated decision to leave. They had already left the community in heart and the fire was simply the final external trigger that confirmed their decision. 

Still others literally danced in the ashes of what used to be the living room of their home. They were ALL-IN.

Ten years prior God had led us from New Zealand to USA. We knew we were here for the rest of our lives and fully engaged in the community... BUT we had a privilege: citizens of another country. We could get out any time we wanted.

During the fire, we realized it was time to go ALL-IN. So we did. We started the process of becoming citizens of the United States of America. 

Whats the point?

Today there's another fire and you get to choose what you will do.

Perhaps YOU were born for such a time as this. Perhaps THIS is your time to speak up, listen up, help out.

And if you don't... help will come from another source.

So what will you do?


043 In Pursuit of UN-Happiness

043 In Pursuit of UN-Happiness

June 2, 2020

Have you realized that no matter how much you accomplish or accumulate, you are never satisfied? You are never made happy by external things. That is only an inside job. Listen as I unpack my current story and the resources that have got me to where I am right now... READY to go all in and fulfill what I was born for.

042 Are You Ready to Go ALL IN

042 Are You Ready to Go ALL IN

May 26, 2020

In this episode I update you on the results so far from hearing God and pivoting our in-person retreat to a virtual experience. Then I talk through the process of how personally we have scrambled, launched a book, a hope challenge and a course... and yet I've sensed I'm missing something. Here's what I'm learning and getting ready for....

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041 How to Pivot in Crazy Times

041 How to Pivot in Crazy Times

May 19, 2020

Suddenly our revenue got cut by $40,000. And my forecast for the next twelve months got thrown completely out of whack. When will I be able to have in-person events again? Will there be another outbreak in the fall? How do I budget and plan when I have no idea what to believe?

What do I do now?

Listen up as I process HOW I heard God, WHAT that meant, WHO I processed with for wisdom, ACTION step I took and the RESULTS that are giving us momentum in the MIDST of crazy times.

You can do the same!

How do we pivot?

  1. Ask WISDOM, His Name is Jesus and He kind of knows everything…
  2. Listen, turn aside and take time to actually hear…
  3. Process with wise counsel…
  4. Take action…
  5. Repeat

How will you pivot?

Do this process for yourself. It’s free!

Join us on an upcoming virtual retreat. Find out more on

Access one of our trusted advisors or talk to one of your own.

It’s entirely possible that we can ADVANCE IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. It’s not easy. It is POSSIBLE.

What will YOU do?

040 Slow Down to Speed Up

040 Slow Down to Speed Up

May 12, 2020

Everything is changing. Problem is, I don't know what the changes will end up like! Will I be back to 'normal' in a week? Not likely... I am used to running with vision. I love fast! I am often saying to someone who wants to talk with me, "Walk with me." We will talk as I walk to the next meeting or the car or some other task that needs doing.

Right now, I'm SITTING. And to top it off, I'm sitting AT HOME! I was born for freedom, not restriction. So how do I manage myself, my business, my life when everything is changing.

What am I learning! 

Listen in as I talk about how to slow down, how to be still and hear God and the surprising benefits as a result.



039 Get Up and Fight!

039 Get Up and Fight!

May 5, 2020

In this episode Ray Edwards and I talk through the current situation and how we feel 'bombed' and the resulting temptations of feeling powerless. But there is always something we can do. Here's what we are doing. What about you?

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038 How to Live with Uncertainty

038 How to Live with Uncertainty

April 28, 2020

I have more questions and uncertainty about next month than I did last week! At least when it was clear we were to 'shelter-in-place' for this month I had clear boundaries. Now everything is uncertain. Are we going back to the office next week? Can I have a BBQ with friends? Will there be live events in June? How do I budget the rest of the year? When will there be a vaccine... The list of questions endless!

One thing is clear... Life is not 'normal' and we are ALL LIVING WITH AN INCREASED MEASURE OF UNCERTAINTY. So how do you deal with it? How do you make decisions? 

I think I definitely have a degree (or at least a participation certificate!) in living with uncertainty! In 2008 we left the certainty of our home in New Zealand with my certain employment and my certain retirement and my certain circle of friends and family. I had no idea how much my life was beautifully controlled. Then we arrived in USA with nothing BUT uncertainty: uncertain income, uncertain immigration status, uncertain housing, uncertain future. 

That was more than ten years ago and we are still living with uncertainty... except now my circle of influence is much greater so more people can see my successes and failures in the process.

The uncertainty journey triggered a bunch of fear. It looked like anger and 'frustration' and insecurity and trying desperately to hold onto our savings - more akin to fruitless attempts to hold water in your hands.

The point is NOT ONCE did God let us down. It was scary. It was painful looking at how I responded. It was confusing. It was unstable. But I AM BETTER TODAY BECAUSE OF WHAT HAS COME OUT OF IT...(more so because of the faithfulness of God than any awesome decision making on my part).

So YOU are faced with more uncertainty that you realized. How will you deal with it? 

Here's your options from my experience and how I see it. 

1. Passive Surrender = "I have no control."

This looks like blame, accusation, powerlessness, ignorance and avoiding facing the issues. Ive done that. For spiritual people it will sound like "I'm just trusting God." For others it may sound like, "I can't do anything because...[fill in the excuse about some authority or circumstance that has seemingly taken away your power to decide] )"

Bottom line is you always have a choice. No choice is a choice to be powerless. Trusting God is not passive. Surrender to God (ie. trust) is ACTIVE and ENGAGED. It is not simply waiting for someone else to tell you what to do, but intentionally leaning in, looking around, doing what is in your hand and CHOOSING PRACTICAL HOPE. What CAN you do now? What WILL you do now?

2. Active resistance = "I'll take control."

This looks like reacting to what others or the authorities are saying by doing the opposite (rather than #3 below). It sounds like "You can't tell me what to do... I have rights!" So you sneak around or blatantly do something, usually only considering yourself and your immediate surroundings. Rarely does this response take into consideration others in the community, especially those less vulnerable.

It looks like me reacting to my situation of no income for three years by stressing and fussing and running around DOING STUFF rather than pausing and thinking through the situation and involving wise counselors and a thought-out plan. It looked like me focussed more on MY problems (and calling it 'responsibility') and having limited capacity or compassion for the people around me.

3. Wise decision making = "I am under control."

I think after ten years of uncertainty I MIGHT be learning this. Danny Silk says, "Freedom is telling yourself what to do and then doing it." It is SELF-control. In others words, I don't need the external world to govern me because I manage myself from an internal decision making process. 

This looks like hope in the middle of despair, peace in the midst of turmoil and thoughtful consideration in the middle of panic. It thinks long term and acts today. It takes into consideration how one's actions will affect the immediate AND wider community and follows through with a plan to the best of one's ability. It is not passive, but intentional action knowing that we cannot control the outcome anyway - we CAN CONTROL our behaviors moment by moment and we CAN give our best in every circumstance. It is a life of active surrender that takes responsibility for oneself but knows that the ultimate outcome is in the hands of God... and has absolute security in that.

There is always something you can do. There is always something in your hand that you can action. There is always someone you can be a voice of encouragement and wisdom to. 

So what will you do?

I just released a book that came out of the last ten years of our uncertainty. It's literally 30 different stories (good, bad and ugly) and how I anchored in hope through hearing God and applying this to a practical action step that resulted in wise decision making. I highly recommend you grab a copy and go through a chapter a day. It will cost you ten minutes and will CERTAINLY help you find practical hope in crazy times

Even better, grab a copy with a friend and walk through it together. That's what I'm doing with my friend Ray Edwards and we are doing it live every morning 7am PST. Join us at or watch the recordings on his facebook page.