Authentic Conversations with Andy Mason

041 How to Pivot in Crazy Times

May 19, 2020

Suddenly our revenue got cut by $40,000. And my forecast for the next twelve months got thrown completely out of whack. When will I be able to have in-person events again? Will there be another outbreak in the fall? How do I budget and plan when I have no idea what to believe?

What do I do now?

Listen up as I process HOW I heard God, WHAT that meant, WHO I processed with for wisdom, ACTION step I took and the RESULTS that are giving us momentum in the MIDST of crazy times.

You can do the same!

How do we pivot?

  1. Ask WISDOM, His Name is Jesus and He kind of knows everything…
  2. Listen, turn aside and take time to actually hear…
  3. Process with wise counsel…
  4. Take action…
  5. Repeat

How will you pivot?

Do this process for yourself. It’s free!

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It’s entirely possible that we can ADVANCE IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. It’s not easy. It is POSSIBLE.

What will YOU do?

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